Manufacturer of Gaskets

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Manufacturer of Gaskets


This manufacturer won a major contract that required more staff and investment into the plant. BenchMaster have manufactured a number of workbenches in the past for this particular manufacturer. The manufacturer contacted BenchMaster with a number of requirements for workbenches and trolleys to go across the plant.  Each workbench had different needs from tool panels and lighting on the static benches to trolleys that moved equipment from one location to another. 

The Work/Description

11 x  1575S – 1500mm long x 750mm deep x 840mm 2mm galvanised steel top heavy duty workbench with a blue frame, support bar, 3 tool panels, light rail and 48W LED light.

7 x 1260S – 1200mm long x 600mm deep x 840mm 2mm galvanised steel top heavy duty workbench with a blue frame and 100mm castors. 

1 x TROLSPECIAL – 300mm long x 400mm deep x 840mm high tool trolley with galvanised steel top, galvanised steel bottom shelf and castors.

1 x AB2075S – 2000mm long x 750mm deep x 1040mm galvanised steel top medium duty workbench with a blue frame and all metal levelling feet. 

The results

The plant is now fitted with a number of workbenches and trolleys from BenchMaster. The ongoing relationship results in ongoing orders for 1 and 2’s workbenches when required. The 48W lighting on the static workbenches really helps the operatives see across the worktop when assembling gaskets. The castors on the heavier duty workbenches helps the operators move the work station to different locations around the plant.


Manufacturer of Gaskets


Manufacturer of Gaskets