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Assembly workbench laminate flip top on castors

Here at Benchmaster, we don’t just want to show you our website product images of our workbenches, we want to show you real life examples of when they’re manufactured and how they work…

Here’s a video of an assembly workbench laminate flip top on castors.

In this video, one of the dedicated Benchmaster team members shows you how to use the castors on the workbench so that it becomes easily manoeuvrable and how to lock them so the workbench becomes static and sturdy again. Our team member also shows you how to work the flip top by unhooking the latches on either side, flipping the workbench top and locking it back into place.

Purchasing a flip top workbench means that you can save space by being able to work on both sides of the bench. 

The customer we supplied this workbench to was extremely happy with the result. 

If you have any questions about flip tops, customisations or ordering, you can contact us today.

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