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Garage Workbench

If you’re looking for a garage workbench, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

  • Free delivery to most parts of the UK.
  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Our target is to deliver within 10 working days.
  • Manufacturers for over 40 years.

Browse each garage bench below, you can customise our benches to be fitted with drawers, shelves, hooks and more.

  • Domestic Medium Duty Workbench arrow_forward

    Domestic Medium Duty Workbench

    • Choose from steel, laminate, MDF and ESD tops.
    • Ideal for packaging, home workshops, laboratories or education with a uniformly distributed load (UDL) of up to 500kg.
    • Made in steel box section frame and delivered fully welded and assembled.
  • Heavy Duty Workbench arrow_forward

    Domestic Heavy Duty Workbench


    • Ideal for a garage, garden shed or spare room.
    • Standard storage cupboard and bottom shelf for equipment and tools.
    • Fully welded for durability.
    • No assembly required.
    • Maximum load capacity: 100kg.
  • Domestic Tool Trolleys arrow_forward

    Domestic Tool Trolleys

    • Available in a number of combinations
    • Ideal for those looking to use it static or on the move
    • Can support up to 450kg UDl
  • Domestic Super Heavy Duty Workbench arrow_forward

    Domestic Super Heavy Duty Workbench

    • The top supplied is galvanised steel over 45mm hard wood.
    • Can easily handle an incredible weight of up to 1500kg UDL.
    • Supplied with a bottom shelf and a locking cupboard and delivered fully welded and ready to use.
  • Domestic Mobile Workbenches arrow_forward

    Domestic Mobile Workbenches

    • The top supplied is galvanised steel.
    • Offer invaluable flexibility in use and positioning and are particularly useful to the service engineer and in the motor industry.
    • A lockable cupboard and vice plate are fitted as standard and we offer a choice of length and depth.

Free delivery on all standard workbenches to most areas of the UK* local_shipping

Garage Workbench Made in the UK

Here at Benchmaster, each one of our workbenches is built to the highest standards possible – and we’re not just saying that. Many people are sceptical when they see the price of our benches, thinking they’d rather purchase a cheap alternative from a big retailer or even try and make one themselves. However, investing in a workbench from Benchmaster is a much better option. We might be slightly bias, but we believe our product is second-to-none and we’ve continuously proved this over the last 40+ years we’ve been operating.

Purchasing a cheaper alternative means that your metal garage bench won’t be as sturdy or strong as you need as it will be made from low quality materials – the retailers supplying these cheap alternatives are focussed on selling as many as they can, usually buying their product in from a different country or mass-producing benches using the cheapest materials possible to save money.

Here at Benchmaster, we’re focussed on quality rather than quantity. Every single workbench is manufactured by our expert team right here in Britain, our premises is located in Mossley, Lancashire and that’s where all the magic happens. If you order a garage bench from us, you can be sure it’s 100% British and you’ll be supporting a British business, we know just how important this is to many people within the UK.

You might be thinking of DIYing a bench for yourself, whilst this is a great opportunity to learn something and save money, we still believe our benches aren’t comparable to what you can create yourself. You’ll be saving money on a bench; however, it will take you an extremely long time to build a quality one, especially if you haven’t made one before. You’ll have to research, plan, measure and then build – hours and hours of your precious time which could be spent with family or friends, time is certainly priceless. As well as this, you’ll need to buy the correct equipment if you don’t already have it which could end up costing you a lot anyway. You won’t have access to our top-of-the-range materials, superior equipment or our experienced team, it’s a no-brainer really!

The price of our bench is equal to the quality and craftmanship it takes to make one. You can fully customise your garage workbench, we don’t hold much stock and we make benches exact to our customers requirements, whether you want drawers, cupboards, shelves, hooks or more, we can build it.

garage workbench

Don’t just take our word for it though – we’ve got a ton of customers who have ordered a bench for their garage, workshop or greenhouse that have all left us raving testimonials:

“Hi Jade, Thank you and the team at Benchmaster for my latest bench. Just the same as the first I am over the moon with it. I’m firmly of the belief that when you buy something it’s best to wait and get the best you can afford. And this is the case with my two benches. The first a custom build and the second slightly something more than the basic.

I must say the delivery driver was very pleasant and couldn’t do enough to help. I have and will continue to advise everyone who comes to my workshop for engines where and who supplied the benches. Many have commented on their quality and sturdy construction. I did for some time prior to my first purchase research several benches with different manufacturers and suppliers. They didn’t come close to what Benchmaster offered. Basically flimsy and not what a workshop needs.

Thank you once again from a very satisfied customer.

Kind Regards


A lovely email from one of our customers! Here’s another:

“I was looking for a custom size heavy duty mobile bench for my engine build workshop. I suggested the sizes and configuration to see if it could be done. Shortly afterwards a price and delivery date given. I can only say that upon delivery my expectations were exceeded. So much so I have placed an order for another custom mobile bench for the workshop. Furthermore, the quality of materials are second to none and I I can honestly say nothing was too much too much trouble for the Benchmaster team. The polite and helpful staff were very professional. I cannot recommend this company high enough. Thank you again 5 stars.  Quality of materials and attention to detail is truly amazing. A custom heavy duty bench is priced correctly in my opinion. I always say “ you pay for what you get” And all the boxes are ticked for me.A+++++++ Gold Star.”

There’s more where that came from:

“Andy always replied to emails and was very helpful when answering my questions on the product. They build solid quality products. They are priced fairly and I’m happy to pay more for a quality product built in the UK.”

And another!

“Really good communication and really helpful delivery driver! Went above and beyond to help me get it into my workshop. Really good quality and absolutely solid! Have got motorbike engines and cylinder heads stored in the bottom shelf and it’s not even breaking a sweat. If I payed a couple of hundred more I probably wouldn’t be complaining, I work in a heavy duty steelworks and I’d be more than confident in saying this bench would take the abuse there as well.”

We’ve got 7 years’ worth of testimonials you can read on our website. These are just a few of the more recent ones from domestic customers.

As you can see, we’ve got a first-class product made in the UK coupled with first-class service, what more can you want? Our expert team is on-hand to offer you any advice surrounding your workbench or you can use our simple bench builder and order it straight away.

Take a look how Benchmaster manufacture benches by watching the video below.

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