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Benchmaster Now Offer Hydraulic Height Adjustable Workbenches

Hydraulic Height Adjustable Workbenches

Here at Benchmaster, we’re constantly adding to our product ranges – we always want to make sure our customers are getting the best they can and have a variety of options to choose from.

With that said, we’re extremely excited to introduce our new range of hydraulic height adjustable workbenches!

Available on all of our standard medium duty workbenches, these hydraulic benches would be a perfect fit for your workshop or garage. Offered in a UDL of either 300kg or 600kg, these benches are extremely sturdy and can hold a lot of weight.

The process of ordering our hydraulic workbenches is simple, simply pick your top, size, colour then add it to your basket and check out!

The standard height adjustment range is 300mm (700mm-1000mm), however, we can also offer bespoke solutions. We offer custom workbenches with our workbench builder, but we understand that sometimes you’re searching for a specific solution and either the size, adjustable range or accessory options just aren’t what you’re looking for. No worries, simply contact us and we can discuss your requirements and manufacture a solution that’s made for you – every single one of our workbenches is made to order (excluding our special offers range which we regularly update and sometimes consists of products the team have experimented with), this gives you the advantage of being able to completely customise each bench. We’ve manufactured many bespoke solutions for our customers and we can cater to their requirements 99% of the time – it’s very rare that we can’t do what they’re asking for.

Our manual hydraulic height adjustable workbenches are manufactured with a hydraulic pump with a fixed handle and our electric benches are built with a hydraulic pump with a motor unit. There are many sectors these benches would be ideal for, these include:

  • Educational – in schools, colleges and universities
  • Domestic – ideal for your personal workshop if you’re a DIY lover, self-employed or enjoy woodworking/metalworking
  • Office work
  • Electronics – a hydraulic workbench with an ESD top would be perfect for this sector
  • Engineering – constantly working with heavy materials, our sturdy benches wouldn’t let you down
  • Distribution – easy to adjust the height, perfect for distribution centres

Here at Benchmaster, we’re widely known for our reliability and our long-lasting benches – one customer of ours has had their bench since 1985 (for reference, this is when Back to the Future first came out!). We’ve got seven years’ worth of testimonials available to view on our website. First established in 1977, Benchmaster has specialised in welded workbenches for 45 years (happy 45th anniversary to us!) and we’ve received great feedback from all over the UK and beyond for the quality of our benches. We don’t just pick out the great reviews either – there’s also sometimes feedback in our customers’ reviews for us to improve on which we gladly take on and figure out how we can make each customers’ experience even better.

Order our hydraulic height-adjustable workbenches today.


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