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Garage Workbenches for the Automotive Industry

Garage Workbenches

Good planning is essential if you are refitting a garage, moving to new premises or even purchasing a new build. Garage workbenches come in a number of sizes and prices. To help you decide on what suits your needs, here are our top tips to fit your garage.

  1. Static/Moveable Workbenches
    Choose from static or movable workbenches in a size and specification that suits the space.Most of the automotive industry over the past few years have chosen from our heavy duty static range that can take up to 1000kg.  Alternatively choose a mobile workbenches that take up to 1000kg on legs and 360kg on castors. The beauty of the mobile workbench is you can move them around different working locations. Each of these two ranges comes with as standard a lockable cupboard and bottom shelf.
  2. Louvre / Tool Panels
    If you are looking to keep work areas clutter free look at adding Louvre or tool panels to your workbench. We do offer the option to include a mixture of both. Plastic storage bins can be located on Louvre panels to store small components, screws, nails etc or alternatively tool panels can be used to hang tools on.
  3. Shelving
    We can offer an upper shelf that sits above the worktop to have equipment and tools available for use at all times.
  4. Lighting
    If you are carrying out work on the workbench, why not consider lighting. We offer four types of lighting, fluorescent lighting – single and twin and LED lighting – 24W and 48W. The wattage on the LED lighting is something to consider if you are looking for something bright to cover the whole worktop.
  5. Chairs
    If you are looking to make working at the workbench more comfortable, why not choose one of our chairs or stools.



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