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Benchmaster has been manufacturing workbenches for over 40 years. Over these years, we’ve supplied custom workbenches to many industries across the UK. You’d be surprised at the versatility of our products and how many different market sectors they fit in to.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about some of these sectors and why our workbenches and tool trolleys are so useful for each one.



One industry we supply to is the engineering industry. Engineers all across the UK use our workbenches because of their effectiveness. They are strong & durable – capable of supporting up to 1500kg. Our super heavy duty engineering workbenches are available with a range of accessories to suit your workspace.



We supply our workbenches and trolleys to many packing warehouses and workshops. They arrive welded and ready to use immediately. We can provide packing medium duty workbenches, mobile, heavy duty, super heavy duty & tool trolleys to fit all of your requirements. We can fit shelves and drawers to your workbenches to store any packaging. Extra accessories you can ask for also include monitor arms, keyboard trays, weight scales and dividers which are a popular pick amongst our customers in this industry.



This one may shock you, but we’ve supplied our stainless-steel workbenches to many companies within the food sector. The reason these workbenches are so effective and popular in this industry is because steel is one of the most hygienic metals due to how easy it is to clean and that it doesn’t rust. For deep clean purposes, we can also supply our workbenches with a removeable top. Steel also has a really high heat resistance and is extremely durable so you can see why it’s used in machines and worktops throughout the food industry and why our stainless-steel workbenches are ideal for food preparation and storage.  



We manufacture a range of trolleys and storage cabinets specifically for the medical industry. These include linen trolleys, medical storage trolleys and 2 tier & 3 tier hospital service trolleys. We also manufacture record storage cabinets & lockers and hazardous storage cabinets for all your medical requirements.



The automotive industry was the first ever industry Benchmaster worked with over 40 years ago. We still supply our sturdy workbenches to companies within this industry to this day. Our workbenches come welded and ready to use, they are ideal for garages, repair outlets and dealerships. Our tool trolleys are also a popular choice within this industry due to the usefulness of portable tools within each garage.



As well as companies within massive industries, we also supply workbenches to households for domestic use. Our workbenches are in many houses across the UK fitted in people’s garages, sheds, greenhouses and workshops for DIY, repairs and garden work.


These are just a few of the many industries we manufacture workbenches for. If you want to read more, head over to our market sectors page. You can also find a range of projects we’ve done for these industries on our case studies page.

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