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How a Mobile Workbench can make sure your operations are more efficient

How a Mobile Workbench can make sure your operations are more efficient

A mobile workbench can be used in a variety of settings and sectors. Ideal for use in both domestic and commercial/industrial environments, mobile workbenches can be easily transported from one place to another. This makes it really easy for you to move your workbench around – whether you need to frequently move your workbench to and from various stations to assemble a product or you complete DIY jobs in both your shed and greenhouse and would like to be able to transport your workstation from one to another.

What is a mobile workbench?

A mobile workbench is a workbench equipped with wheels and castors so you’re able to easily move it. Workbenches are usually very heavy so you typically wouldn’t be able to move them around without multiple people straining themselves to lift and carry it – a portable workbench is the solution to this problem.

With Benchmaster, you can customise your portable workbench with what type of top you would like – whether it’s steel, wood or black rubber on steel. You can also choose the size you would like – sizes include 1200m x 600mm, 1200mm x 750mm, 1500mm x 600mm or 1500mm x 750mm. You can also choose the colour of mobile workstation you want and add any accessories such as more storage space, a vice or a chair.

A mobile workbench is a great way to optimise your workspace and improve your productivity.

Why you should invest in a mobile workbench

  1. A mobile workbench can help you work more efficiently by providing a designated work space. This will help you stay organised and avoid distractions. If you own a company with a large workforce, a mobile workbench for each employee makes sure they’ve got a reliable work station to complete all of their projects on.
  2. It can also help you work more safely by providing a stable surface to work on. This will prevent you from having to worry about your tools or materials toppling over. A sturdy surface and storage space means that you could have all of your tools and equipment in the same place without having to spread them out or balance them on top of each other. Make sure your tools are safe and you have a strong surface to work on.
  3. A mobile workbench from Benchmaster can be customised to fit your specific needs, which will allow you to work more effectively – whether you need a different top, bigger size or more storage space, we’ve got you covered.
  4. The biggest advantage of them all – a mobile workbench is portable, which means that you can take it with you wherever you go. This will allow you to work whenever and wherever you want. Easily move your bench around your workshop or transport it from one employee’s station to another’s. When you’ve moved your workbench to where you want it, you can then higher the wheels and lock them into place so your bench becomes completely sturdy and won’t move until you lower them again – we know how important a sturdy surface is when completing projects with specific measurements.
  5. Lastly, mobile workbenches from Benchmaster are manufactured from the highest quality materials right here in Britain. We’re proud to be a British manufacturer and we never compromise on quality. When ordering from Benchmaster, you’ll know that you’re receiving a product that is 100% British and we’re not sourcing our materials from different countries.

Ready to order a portable workbench? Head to our page. Got any questions? Contact the friendly Benchmaster team today.

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