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Our Announcement…

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned we were investing in something BIG for Benchmaster! That investment has arrived, and we’re excited to announce that we have added a laser machine to Benchmaster’s top-of-the-range equipment!

The video below shows the laser machine cutting a cupboard out!


We’re extremely excited to work with our laser machine a lot more in the future – it’s the definition of accuracy and precision. The team here at Benchmaster are all over the moon about receiving something that will make our products even better and make sure we’re manufacturing them even faster than normal.

A laser machine uses a thin, high-powered laser to cut or etch a design into materials. It can cut strong, thick metal with ease, it’s quick and produces tremendous edge quality.

Here at Benchmaster, we’re absolutely positive that this is a massive step for our company and we’re hoping to make even bigger and better investments in the future. This is just one of many!

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