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SG Cast Iron Vices from Benchmaster!

Vices from Benchmaster

Here at Benchmaster, we supply a wide range of vices, in the video below, one of our employees shows off our new SG vice now available in four sizes and a range of colours!

The bench vices we supply are all of the highest quality, our customers swear by our vices and use them on a daily basis. A bench vice is a must in the tool station of any engineer, woodworker, metal worker, carpenter and more. If you’re looking for the best bench vice to add to your workshop, you’ve come to the right place. 

Bench vices safely secure materials you’re working on, making sure they don’t move, this means a more precise finished product. They are known to provide the best assistance and support for DIY projects. 

We supply vices seperately, however, if you order a heavy, super heavy or mobile workbench along with a vice, our team will drill the vice fixing holes in the top of the workbench

We also offer the addition of a swivel base to each type of vice we supply, this enables the user to rotate the vice as needed. 

To use our bench vices, simply rotate the lever to open and close – place the material your working on in the vice in your desired position, rotate the lever to close the vice onto your material, make sure it’s tight and start working!

Thanks for reading our blog post about our workbenches vices, if you’re interested in buying a workbench vice, you can visit our product page.

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