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Workbenches for 2022

Workbenches for 2022

It’s nearly Christmas! The time for mince pies, eggnog & presents is nearly upon us…

After Christmas comes the new year – 2022. Have you got any resolutions in mind? A lot of companies have the ultimate goal of improving their space – whether this is a lab, factory, warehouse or workshop.

A top-quality workstation means a great standard of work being produced and happier employees.

Our workbenches are ideal for your company, whether you work within packing, education, engineering, manufacturing, food, electronics, horticultural, distribution, automotive or medical. You can ensure you’re ready for 2022 with a high quality workbench. New year, new workstation!

We truly are the best in the UK when it comes to workbenches…

But don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at some of our recent testimonials:

“Hi Debbie, Bench delivered as you duly informed, yesterday (21st). Just wanted to say how pleased I am with it, it’s a superb piece of workmanship, I couldn’t be happier with it. Thanks for the quick responses to queries over the past few weeks, big thanks to the people who actually made the bench and finally a nod to the pleasantly enthusiastic chap who delivered it. What a great bunch of people, well done BenchMaster!” – customer we supplied a garage workbench to.

“Prompt and clear responses to queries, helpful suggestions and delivery of product in good time. The workbench looks great and is very sturdy. The hole for the pipes and wires at the back got missed in production but the company were quick to apologise and reimburse the cost for the hole to be drilled by a local company. Good value for money and great service. Wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again.” – customer within the NHS

“Service was excellent, from beginning to end! (Especially Kate!) The benches are incredible quality, and tailored to our needs. If you see them as an investment (which they are) then they are excellent value for money.” – customer within the hospitality industry

As you can see, we pride ourselves on making our customers happy, we don’t compromise on our work benches or our service. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your workspace, we’re the perfect company to call. Your workspace will be ready for 2022 and for many, many years after that – our benches are extremely long-lasting due to the superior quality of them, one of our customers has had theirs for over 40 years.

As the third testimonial above says, our benches aren’t just a product, they’re an investment. Many new customers of ours are sceptical of the price we put on our benches, however, after we deliver them, they see and experience just why our benches are much better than a cheaper alternative. With a cheaper alternative, it’s inevitably going to have to be replaced soon after you receive it – causing you to spend more money on replacements in the long run. Our benches can handle heavy loads and even the most demanding work. Let us prove it!

Each bench we manufacture is made by our expert team here in Mossley, Lancashire so they’re 100% British.

Interested in a workbench fit out for 2022? Get in touch and let us know all your requirements

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