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Workbenches that Work: Adding Tool Bins & Tool Hooks

Workbenches that Work

Investing in quality workbenches from Benchmaster is a practical solution for many companies and individuals who choose to complete a fit-out with us. When we’re discussing our customers’ requirements for a workbench, we often find that most people would benefit from accessories added on such as chairs, panels, and lighting. Two of the most practical accessories that we offer here at Benchmaster are tool bins and tool hooks.

Instead of crowding your workspace, tool bins rest on the back panel of your workbench and hover, easily reachable when you’re completing a project. You can store screws, batteries, sockets, bolts, plugs, screwdrivers, drill bits, hooks, and any other small pieces of equipment that need to be organised. You can fit a lot of tool bins onto the back panel of your workbench, so you’ll never have to scramble to find somewhere to store something. 


Workbenches that Work: Adding Tool Bins & Tool Hooks


We also offer bigger tool bins which you can store on your workbench, this is for equipment that’s a little larger such as small power tools.


tool bins big


To go along with these tool bins, we then need somewhere to store your bigger tools that won’t fit into these smaller storage solutions. This is where tool hooks come in – you can easily hang your drills, saws, glue guns, and other power tools right in front of you so your equipment will always be within reach when you need it. These tool hooks are extremely strong, just like our workbenches, so they’re easily able to cope with the weight of bigger power tools.

Tool bins and tool hooks are fantastically practical and something we recommend for most customers who order workbenches from us. Without them, more equipment would get lost, especially small screws and your employees will spend more time looking for tools and equipment than actually using them.

We’re experts in creating practical workstations that are built to last. Interested? Contact the BenchMaster team and let’s get started with your workbench fit-out today.

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