How to Use a Mobile Workbench

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Here at Benchmaster, we manufacture and supply a wide range of durable workbenches, this range includes our very popular mobile workbench!

In this video, one of the Benchmaster team shows you how to use one of mobile workbenches, including how to move the workbench and then secure back into place.

Our mobile workbenches are extremely popular. They convert from a sturdy workbench that doesn’t move when force is added to a mobile workbench you can wheel around your workshop or factory. The handle lifts or lowers the workbench onto the wheels or off of them, it’s extremely easy to use.

Portable workbenches are ideal when working in a workshop or warehouse that has a range of different stations – they’re practical as employees can easily manoeuvre them to their workstation and move them back when they’ve finished. A lockable cupboard and vice plate are fitted as standard and we offer a choice of length and depth for our portable workbenches.

Customise your mobile workbench with a range of different options – 

  • Choose your top – steel, wood or black rubber
  • Select your size – we have a range of different ones
  • Select your colour – choose from either blue, silver, grey, white, green, black, red or yellow
  • Choose your accessories – drawers, a chair, a vice, vice location, extra vice plate

Have a question about our mobile workbenches? Contact us today.