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All About Workbenches!

All About Workbenches!

Here at Benchmaster, we manufacture the highest quality workbenches, we’ve been an expert in this field for over 40 years so it’s not surprising that our customers continuously choose us for all of their trolley and workbench requirements.

We thought we’d share some of our knowledge about workbenches since we know a whole lot about them!


What is a Workbench?

The clues in the name for this question! Workbenches are sturdy surfaces used in a wide range of industries; they’re designed to complete a job in a certain field of work in the most efficient way. Workbenches can be built with either metal or wood and there are many different types of them. Bespoke, ESD Ready, Packing, Heavy Duty, Mobile and Height Adjustable workbenches are just a few examples.


What are Workbenches used for?

This depends on which industry the workbench is used in. Typically, workbenches are used to complete manual work on and to store many tools and applications on the bottom shelf or in the drawers.

Industrial workbenches provide great durability for sectors that need a sturdy table to support the heavy equipment they use.


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Which Industries use Workbenches?

Workbenches are used in many different industries – some, you wouldn’t even have guessed!

Here are a few of the industries we manufacture our benches and trolleys for:



We manufacture many workbenches for colleges, universities and schools for use in their laboratories, engineering rooms and garages. Often purchasing from our heavy duty, medium duty or super heavy-duty range with added workbench accessories such as lighting, vices, trunking, drawers and shelves.



We offer trolleys and storage units manufactured and designed solely for the medical industry. We have distributed our trolleys to hospitals all over the UK.



Our industrial workbenches are idea for the automotive industry, they’re extremely sturdy for the heavy equipment normally used in garages.

We have distributed to many different garages, car repair shops and dealerships all across the UK who have loved our range of workbenches.



Our stainless-steel workbenches are vital for anyone working in the food industry – ideal for food preparation and the storing of food. There’s a reason why the food industry uses stainless steel as the choice metal for their workbenches – stainless steel metal products are the most hygienic option in any industry. It’s easy to clean, it can endure high and low temperatures and it’s non-absorbent, so it prevents bacteria and germs from staying on the surface.



Whether the industry you work in is chemical, mechanical, civil, motor vehicle or aerospace engineering – we’ve got the workbench for you. We manufacture and supply heavy-duty and super heavy-duty workbenches for the engineering sector.


Check out our Market Sector page to find out all the other industries we manufacture our workbenches for.

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Manufacturing our Workbenches

We design and manufacture our workbenches in the Benchmaster factory located in Mossley, Ashton-Under-Lyne – right here in the UK. You simply pick between the different workbenches we have available, choose which type of top you want, select the size you require, choose a colour and add any accessories you may want. Our accessories include alternate steel tops, shelves, hooks, panels, trunking, lighting, drawers, cupboards and even chairs.

Your order gets sent to our team at the factory and we manufacture your workbench and supply it straight to you.


Can you Manufacture a Custom Workbench for me?

Yes – you are able to select every single part of your workbench and we will manufacture it! Your workbench top, size colour and accessories can all be decided by you.

If you have any questions or need any advice regarding the requirements you want your workbench to meet, please contact our friendly team and we will assist you.


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